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Common Questions & Answers about Credit and Credit Counseling

What are your primary duties as a credit counselor?

Basically, we are there to help people regain control of their personal finances through counseling, budgeting, establishing credit, clearing up credit problems, and enrollment in our debt management programs.

What problems are associated with credit?

Credit is a wonderful thing to have. However, there are certain dangers facing the credit user. Overuse and abuse of credit can ruin anyone's financial stability, personal relationships, and even job performance. If a person fails to realize that they are committing their future income to cover their present borrowing habit, they are also failing to recognize what happens when that income is cut off or reduced by illness, downsizing, elimination of overtime pay, retirement, or medical emergencies.

What are some of the warning signs of impending financial disaster?
Where can I get help with my credit problems?

ACCS! Just call our nationwide toll-free number (800) 729-0551. We can get you the help you need for whatever credit problems you may be experiencing.

What kind of credit "HELP" should I be wary of?

Often "FOR-PROFIT" counseling organizations make promises that they cannot keep, and they charge huge application and processing fees. CREDIT REPAIR CLINICS AND "CREDIT" DOCTORS have been frequently criticized for promising to remove negative information from your credit report. However, accurate information cannot be changed. If information is old or inaccurate, you can contact the credit bureaus yourself and ask to have it removed. RISKY REFINANCING OPTIONS can create more problems than they solve. When someone is in trouble, second mortgages or mortgage loan refinances to consolidate their credit card debts stretches the debt out 15 to 30 years and can cost large refinancing fees.

What specific services does ACCS provide?
How do I get help from ACCS, or enroll with your service?

Very simple. Just call our toll-free number (800) 729-0551 and one of our Certified Credit Counselors will ask a few questions to determine the scope of your problem. They will then set an appointment for you to bring in all of your current statements, household expense information and pay stubs. From information developed during this appointment, your own personalized budget will be developed and you will be on your way to restoring your financial stability and credibility.

What federal laws protect the consumer from credit harassment?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects the debtor from being harassed by a debt collector.

Will credit counseling affect my credit?

ACCS does not report your activity to the Credit Bureaus. Some creditors may report this activity and then it is up to the discretion of whoever is reading your report. Some lenders view credit counseling as bad. Others will compliment you for taking responsibility to find a solution to your debt problem. If you presently have good credit, it will probably be downgraded. If you're already in trouble, there should be no bad effect. Paying your bills on time is certainly better than late or missed payments.

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